Duplicate a 5-foot tree on its side by deploying The MossBack Fish Habitat Trophy Tree XL Laydown horizontally in your favorite fishing spot. Your trophy fish will quickly be attracted to this habitat cover.The openness of this product allows your larger trophy fish a place for hiding in order to ambush its prey. Ideal water depth: 7 or more ft.

  • Most effective when placed near more dense limbed products such as the MossBack Safe Haven or the MossBack Safe Haven XL. This combination provides the perfect duo of attraction and protection.
  • Resembles the look and feel of natural cover. The textured surfaces promote and maintain algae growth as the MossBack Trophy Tree XL Laydown becomes a living piece of habitat.
  • Much less labor-intensive assembly than other artificial habitat. The included cable kit will allow you to attach a concrete block (not included) for weighting. Do not place in swimming or boating areas. Check your local game laws.
  • Made in the USA with recycled material. MossBack Fish Habitat gives you the perfect setup for artificial pond habitat as well as the best fish attractor structure for lake and reservoirs. Whether you are improving your pond, a tournament angler or enjoy leisurely fishing with family and friends, we have the perfect setup in fish habitat structure for you.