We all know how inconvenient a temporary loss of power can be. Now imagine a loss of power lasting days or even weeks due to a natural disaster or hostile act. At that point it would no longer be an inconvenience, but possibly a major ordeal. So many of our critical household appliances including; water pumps, heating systems, refrigeration and communication depend on electrical power. Whether you are hedging against future power outages or building an off-grid retreat we can help.

We have partnered with Generac Power Systems. As a dealer we are able to offer their complete line-up of generators and residential stand-by power systems. Generac has been the industry leader since 1959 and currently makes up approximately 75% of the US market in residential standby power. No other brand comes close.

At Lake State Contracting & Supply, we can take care of everything from sizing your system to delivery, set-up, installation and maintenance. Complete the form to the right for a no obligation proposal.

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